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N-Trak Modules: Scenery

Join Ken Borowski in the studio as he talks us through N-Trak Module scenery.


Painting the Lock Bottom

In this programme Nick shows us how to paint the bottom on the locks, including the right colours to use for various illusions of depth as well as painting techniques.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Lightweight Modular Scenery: Episode 8

Continuation of water effects, including the gloss on the pond's surface, showing the reflections of trees on the water.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield       Series

Lightweight Modular Scenery: Episode 3

Nick Duxfield demonstrates various technique to add rockfaces to the steeper areas of scenery, and discusses using bushes and trees.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield       Series

Nictun Borrud Disassembly: Episode 3

Join Nigel as the clock is ticking for Geoff Elliot, as we see how quickly such an extensive layout can be packed up and put away.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Series

Landscape Creation: Cardboard Matrix

Tony Hill continues with his landscape techniques. Here he adds tissue to his cardboard matrix, and paints it with Artex for a rock hard finish.

Presenter: Tony Hill      Series

Meet Ron Galloway

Kevin Guy chats with Ron Galloway, who was a train fan aged three. Now he's passionate about everything to do with railroads.

Presenter: Ron Galloway