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A Tour of the Carriage Restoration Shed

Join Nick Duxfield as Roger gives MRTV a tour of the carriage restoration shed at Didcot.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Didcot Transfer Shed

Nick and Roger move deeper into the Victorian end of the railway to the original transfer shed at Didcot.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

A Tour Around Catcott Burtle

Elliott Cowton talks to Chris Nevard about the impressive Catcott Burtle, and Chris reveals some of the secrets behind this amazing layout.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Packhorse Bridge

In this film, Nick shows us how to fill in the gaps between the brickwork of his Packhorse Bridge, with intricate and patient accuracy.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Baseboard Construction: Episode 2

In episode 2 of baseboard construction as Geoff Elliott moves on to gluing the end frames. Check out the first part of this project for detailed instructions.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Series

Otterbridge Layout: Coupling

Peter Bailey shows us the secret behind the magnet method of uncoupling on his wonderful Otterbridge layout. See it in action at shows.

Presenter: Nigel Overington