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Topcoating the Killin Pug - Spray Can

In this film Nigel demonstrates how to Topcoat the Killin Pug using prepared paint from an aerosol can.


Making trees Episode 9

In this programme Nick continues to show us another way to make fir trees.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield       Series

Lightweight Modular Scenery: Episode 13 Part 2

Nick tells us about the differing types of Tunnels used in the past and present on Railways, and the option he went for, with his Modular Layout

Presenter: Nick Duxfield       Series

Airbrush Topcoating: Episode 4

Robin Baker joins Nigel to show how to gt a great finish to your models using paint from an aerosol can.

Presenter: Nigel Overington       Series

Simon Kohler Q&A: Episode 1

Every enthusiast's dream as Nigel is given free rein to ask Hornby's Simon Kohler anything and everything to do with the hobby and future releases

Presenter: Nigel Overington      

Acid Undercoat

Nigel is joined once again by Robin Baker who finishes this undercoat series with acid undercoating, used to help keep the paint on the brass.

Presenter: Nigel Overington      

Wealden Railway Group's Exhibition

Friendly people, interesting layouts, no crowds..what's not to like? We visit a small show put on by the Wealden Railway Group in Arundel, West Sussex.

Presenter: Nigel Overington