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Building a Bulleid Diesel Kit: Episode 2

In this film Elliot continues the building of his Bulleid Diesel Kit.


Roving Bridge: Part 1

Creating a bridge is one thing, but creating a bridge that allows a horse, pulling a narrow boat to pass over it without being untethered is a different kettle of fish. In this programme Nick shows us the first stages of creating this bridge.


Building a Pipe Load for a Wagon

In this programme Elliott shows us how to measure up pipes to fit in a Parkside Dundas Wagon, plus a few demon tweeks to aid your creation.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

The Big Finescale Debate

Three of the ModelRailway.tv team get together to talk Finescale. Elliott Cowton is in the shed with Tony Witts and Chris Nevard.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Nictun Borrud Disassembly: Episode 3

Join Nigel as the clock is ticking for Geoff Elliot, as we see how quickly such an extensive layout can be packed up and put away.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Series

Alpine Overlook

George Hoeppner takes us on a tour of his Alpine layout and shows how he has planned for the possibiity of a derailment in the tunnel.

Presenter: George Hoeppner