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Building a Parkside Dundas Wagon Kit Episode 2

Join Elliot for the second episode on how to build a park side dundas wagon kit.


Building Bridges: Episode 3

In this programme nick introduces us to the first stages in building a Canal Bridge.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield       Series

Making Trees: Episode 6

Nick shows us how to make a Silver Birch Tree, recommending painting techniques aswell as the type of wire which can be used to get a 'real to life' look from your creation.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield       Series

Nictun Borrud Disassembly: Episode 3

Join Nigel as the clock is ticking for Geoff Elliot, as we see how quickly such an extensive layout can be packed up and put away.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Series

George's Plywood Plains

George's first experience with trains was with an H-O layout. He shows us his most recent H-O.

Presenter: Kevin Guy      

Tools for Modelling

Geoff Elliott reveals the secrets of his toolbox and explains exactly what you'll need when starting on a project.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot      

Introduction to Gauges

The subject of gauges can be a minefield, but we visit Gaugemaster to try and make sense of the various types of gauges available.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield