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N-Trak Modules: Scenery

Join Ken Borowski in the studio as he talks us through N-Trak Module scenery.


Finishing Touches to the Tunnel Mouth

Nick shows us the completion of the tunnel mouth how to apply the very important finishing touches.


A Lock Keeper's Cottage : Episode 1

In this programme Nick shows us the planning stages of creating a Lock Keeper's Cottage, showing us the areas which need to be taken into consideration before fully creating the cottage.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Interview with Frank Dumbleton Founder of Dicot

We join Nick in the locomotive running shed at Didcot as he meets Frank Dumbleton one of the founder members who explains how it all began.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Building a Cottage: Episode 12

Episode 12 of the Building a Cottage series with Nigel Overington.

Presenter: Nigel Overington       Series

Building a Cottage: Episode 10

Join Nigel and Roy Hickman as he continues his building of the cereal packet cottage, and shows how to correctly connect the extension.

Presenter: Nigel Overington       Series

Preparing for Painting

Robin Baker joins us again at the studio in the second episode of airbrushing and lays out the preparations before you start.

Presenter: Robin Baker      

Building A Scenic Background

Expert landscaper Tony Hill gives an introduction to building a scenic background and shares secrets for creating the perfect landscape.

Presenter: Tony Hill      Series

Building a Cottage: Episode 3

Roy Hickman is back for the next stage of our series showing us how to mark out, cut and assemble the basic shape of our cottage.

Presenter: Roy Hickman       Series