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Roving Bridge: Episode 3 Preparing ramps

In this film Nick completes the ramp paths of the roving bridge.


Topcoating the Killin Pug - Spray Can

In this film Nigel demonstrates how to Topcoat the Killin Pug using prepared paint from an aerosol can.


Nick's Photos

In this programme Nick shows us some of the footage he has taken on his new DSLR Camera, aswell as some spectacular photos he has taken.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Lightweight Modular Scenery: Episode 11 Part 1

In this programme Nick demonstrates the benefit of the addition of aluminium mesh, to support the outline of a gradient on a Modular Layout, creating a solid base to add your rock faces too

Presenter: Nick Duxfield       Series

Airbrush Topcoating: Episode 4

Robin Baker joins Nigel to show how to gt a great finish to your models using paint from an aerosol can.

Presenter: Nigel Overington       Series

Wood techniques

Nigel Overington travels to Fareham modelrailway club to join Geoff Elliott in woodwork techniques involving scenery placement on a board.

Presenter: Nigel Overington      

Alpine Overlook

George Hoeppner takes us on a tour of his Alpine layout and shows how he has planned for the possibiity of a derailment in the tunnel.

Presenter: George Hoeppner      

Tools for Soldering

Ever been tempted to throw your soldering iron through the shed window? You can end those frustrations with the right tools as Tony Witts explains.

Presenter: Tony Witts