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Rail Runners Layout Tour

Dale Rood and the MRR.TV crew visit their local Rail Runners Model Railroad Club to tour the layout and meet some of the club members.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

Building a Cottage 4: Wall Coverings

In the fourth episode in this series on building a model cottage from scratch, Roy Hickman tells Nigel about the various kinds of wall covering materials that are available.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Photographing Your Model Railroads

Chris Nevard takes a moment to discuss photographing your model railroad layouts. He'll even demonstrate recreating favorite shots of real trains in your own models.

Presenter: Chris Nevard     

Altura Mini Z-Line: Episode 7

In an attempt to make it easy to get in and out of his module layout, Ron created a "Geezer Gate." He shows it to us in the final episode of our tour.

Presenter: Ron Galloway      

Didcot Transfer Shed

Nick and Roger move deeper into the Victorian end of the railway to the original transfer shed at Didcot.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Ron's First Layout

Ron Galloway shows us how his love for Z-scale actually began... with a tiny layout in a briefcase. He discusses the benefits and joys of this tiny scale.

Presenter: Ron Galloway      

Brian Dahl's Train Cam

EXCLUSIVE! Brian Dahl, a master modeler and proprietor of a stunning garden-scale backyard layout, shares his un-cut train camera footage.

Presenter: Brian Dahl     

Jackson Street Roundhouse: Episode 2

Ron Galloway and Dale Rood took a trip to the Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul, Minnesota, to tour the machines they've got.

Presenter: Ron Galloway       Series

Expert Tips on Model Rail Photography

Expert lensman Chris Nevard is famous for his incredible photos in the railway mags. Here he shares some of his secrets.

Presenter: Chris Nevard     

George's Plywood Plains

George's first experience with trains was with an H-O layout. He shows us his most recent H-O.

Presenter: Kevin Guy      

Tools for Modelling

Geoff Elliott reveals the secrets of his toolbox and explains exactly what you'll need when starting on a project.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot      

Otterbridge: Up and Running

Peter Bailey joins Nigel to look at the Otterbridge layout. Enjoy a discussion about it as a running track and learn the secrets of a well planned layout.

Presenter: Nigel Overington